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RPG Game Intro:
RPG or Role Playing Game. 
These games are more command based than fighting based. You control the characters and their actions. The computer controls what happens by those commands.
There are 5 keywords for RPG games.
1) Level - The objective of the game is for you to raise your levels. The higher the level the more powerful. You raise your levels accordingly. 
For the main enermies, if you get killed more often then not 
you know you need to raise some more levels before you 
fight them again.
2) Experience - How you increase your levels you ask? You fight pawns and you build up your experience by each win. When you 
have reached enough experience to raise levels, 
you do.
3) Path - this means you do things in order to past on to the next part of the stage. Like for example:
A) You talk with someone. 
B) You go to the place the 
person told you to. 
C) You get the secret thing.
   In order for you to get the secret you can't jump straight to C.
   You have to go A) then B) then C), 90 percent of the times, this is 
true. The best way for you to not miss anything is to go and take 
and expore everything, otherwise, chances of getting stuck will 
be high.
4) Secrets - How do you go on to the next part of the stage. You either kill all the current opponents. In order to find them, you may need
      to find the secrets. Secrets can range from cards, openings, 
      caves, talking....etc.
5) Patience - These games are not designed for you to finish in one day. Even
       if you play night and day, it will still take you at least a 
week and that is accounting for not been stuck....... 
Game Intro:
Theses are the buttons to play the game.
GB              Vgb-dos
 Start         -  Left Shift
Select                  -  Z
Button  A           - Alt
Button  B          - Ctrl
Saint Paradise: The Most Powerful Warriors.
The game starts off when Ikki takes away the Gold Cloth.
"Stage 1 Galayian Wars Chapter"
This is the outside screen where you control where to go and find stuff.
Pressing Shift will bring you to this screen
You have 4 choices:
 Status                Cards
 Finishing Move  Order
Pressing Alt confirms, Ctrl cancel.
Status Screen
Name HP CP Level
HP - Health Power, 0 is dead
CP - determines how much you can do finishing moves. If you 
have 100 CP, and Ryu Sei Ken takes 10, you can 
do at most 10 Ryu Sei Kens.
The order of players you see here is: Seiya, Shiryu, Hyoga, Shun.
Pressing Alt again will goto the individual Data Screen.
Seiya                                                         Level 1
Exp 0/ Expience points needed for next level 10
Attack: 8                                        Wearing Cloth
Defense: 10                                      Bronze Cloth
Speed: 4                                       Graude Card 50
Evenally Cloths will upgrade. Level 20 - New Cloth. For Seiya, Level 25, Gold 
 Sagittarius Cloth, yes damn cool! :)
Graude Card is how much money you can spend on cards. You can find cards[some
times very important ones] or your opponents give them to you when you defeat
Choosing the Finishing Move Individual Data Screen
This screen tells you Seiya has Rolling Crush which takes 12 CPs. As you
raise levels you get more Finishing moves and increase in power.
Which order do you want it?
Pressing Z will bring you to the Save Screen
The Top block is the Save Block. You have 2 slots to put it in. Use it wisely.
The bottom block is Message/Speed Block. The top is the words speed. The bottom
is battle speed. I put it pretty high, since half of the stuff is unnecessary to read. Notice I said only half. 
Becareful about saving.  Check where you can save and where you can't.
This is saying you can't save.
This is saying you can.
Fighting Screen
When you fight, you have six choices. Some of them I covered already.
 Fight                        Cards
 Finishing Moves    Status
 Defend             Don't fight
Fight - means you can choose who is your opponent. 
Finishing Move - means which one you use against who. 
Defend - means you don't fight but but just stand there.
Cards- Different cards are for different things. Some cards are used 
when you are not fighting, some are. [Experiment]
Don't fight - means you want to stop this fighting event if the computer
       allows you.
When you fight, the messages are about how much damage each got by who. 
Sometimes, you have to Press the Alt button to continue when one player refuses to attack
When you win the fight, it updates your experience and sees if you raises levels.
Cards Screen
Pressing Alt will give you two chooses.
 Use    Throw Away
Why would you throw away cards? Because you want to have room for important cards.
 Pressing Right Arrow will show the picture of the card.
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Page created October 3, 1997