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Card List
[I won't explain every one but I will explain the ones you will need. 
 Experiment with the others.]
Springs or Spring Card - to restore your HP&CP or when one player dies. The
     springs that don't need your spring card can already restore. The spring card activiates those that don't.
Bronze Cards - Cards with the faces of Bronze Saints are to do finishing 
        moves with out using CP. I use them to save CP for harder opponents
Mu Card - Whole crew power restore, does not work during fight.
Shaina Card - during fight or outside can restore HP for one person.
Athena Card - during fight or outside can restore HP&CP for one person.
Earth Quake Card - to get rid of the stones blocking your way.
Odin Robe Card - Seiya wears the Robe during fight, after Level 35.
Taurus Card - To break down a Pillar in Gemini Temple.
Chain Card - To defeat Gemini Saint.
Shunrei Card - To get out from SeiKiShiki back to Cancer Temple.
Casios Card - To return Aiolia to conciousness.
Lighting Card - To open a short cut to Aries Temple by bringing light to 
Shaka Card - to move forward from Shaka Temple.
Excalibur Card - to open the second short cut to Mu.
Ryu Sei Card - to clear the roses.
Saga Card - to get out of Another Dimension.
2nd Door Card - to open second gates for each Pillar.
Libra Weapon Cards - to destroy the Pillars.
Excalibur Card 2- to clear the spear road...
Camus Card - to destroy the ice wall.
Symphony Card - to Seal Kanon's power.
Sagittarius Card - to stop Poseidon's movement.
Big Cosmos Card - to destroy Main Breadwinner. 
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