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Stage 1 Part I Black Chapter
Goto the far right house. Miho is there when you ever you need to restore HP&CP or when one of your players die.
Before you do these things, of course talk with everyone in the stage, get
all the cards. You need to raise your levels at least to Seiya and Shiryu 6, Hyoga and Shun 7. 
To get Odin Robe Card:
Go to here and talk with the people at least twice. Press the Alt 
button twice. One of them will say a different thing the second time. 
And the Elder will give you the card by showing the box. Talk to the Elder last, talk with every one else first. 
Black Fights: Talk with all the people here. This place is south. One of them will give you a clue about the Earth Quake Card.
Goto Fuji and go in.
Face the tree next to sign directly and hit Alt.
You will get Earth Quake Card
Go to the middle top, it is a secret entrance and you will be here.
After you use the Earth Quake Card, the way is clear. Go in.
Find Black Pegasus
Win and get Waist part.
Find Black Swan.
Win and get Shoulder part.
Find the Sping card. This will open a spring.
Find Black Andromeda
Win and get Body Part.
Find this place and fight 2 Black Pheonix and Black Dragon.
Win and get Chest part.
Use the Spring Card here.
Find Ikki.
You win and Docrates comes and takes all your Gold Cloth parts.
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