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Stage 1 Part II Silver Chapter - Assassins
Talk with the people in the south again.
Goto Kido Mansion. Talk with Saori and the others. And every one around 
those houses. Remeber to stock up cards for Silver fights. They will be 
non-stop for a while
Go to this tree and go in the secret beach.
You should see Mu inside with Marin. Talk with them both. Silver Fights will
start. If you don't see Mu, talk with everyone in the whole map and if that
still doesn't work, raise your levels.
After you talk, you fight Misty
Then you fight Moses
Remeber I said the Silver fights are non-stop. Once you win and then you move
a bit another Silver Saint comes. So in between fights you should decide if
you want to use cards to restore you HP&CP.
Then you fight Jakki.
Then you fight Jamian
Then you fight Dante.
Then you fight Asterion
Then you fight Capella.
Goto Silver - Graude Colosseum Home 
Page created October 3, 1997