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Stage 1 Part III Silver Chapter - Graude Colosseum
Goto Kido Mansion. Talk with Saori and the people again.
After talking to Saori, you talk with Tatsumi and he tells you Saori is 
Tatsumi tells you to go to Graude Colosseum to get her back.
This is the area where you can get losted. If you do, try doing something
different. If you been going left, go right...etc.... Remeber about saving:
Some places you can, some you can't.
You fight Geist and Crystal Saint.
If you go up, you see 3 ways to go. First, go to the rightmost one. You will
find the middle one will go to the same place. Remeber, it is designed for
you to get lost. So remeber where you been.
Go straight up and you will fight Fire Saint.
Now go back down and go to the first way and you will be here. You see this door, inside have cards.
After getting cards, you see the door on the left. Inside is Babel. All the
other doors are designed for you to get lost.
After defeating Babel, lower stairs open. Get all the cards in the whole room.
One of them is a Spring Card
Go down and walk all the way and you are here.
After going thru the door. You will be in another area. Rember, becareful
about getting lost. On the left door, there are cards to get. On the right,
cards to buy.
Aftering getting all the cards. Go to the top door and thru to the end.
After walking all the way thru. You are here. See the stairs on the right. Go up on it.
You will be here. See the stairs on the up left corner. If you don't see it,
it means, you forgot to kill some Silver Saint. In order to get it, you 
either find that one you didn't kill or raise levels.
Talk with Kiki.
Fight with Spartan and Argor.
Talk with Kiki again. Docrates open 3 down-stairs.
  Goto Silver Chapter - Save Athena Home 
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