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Stage 1 Part IV Silver Chapter - Save Athena
Goto the left stairway of the contest ring. And talk with the person in 
Then goto top stairway of the contest ring. 
After walking thru, you will be in another area. Again, Becareful not to get
Goto the right most top door. There's a card.
The top right door you see leads to a spring.
After walking thru and down a stairway, this spring already works without your card
Goto the left most top door. You should see boxes for cards.
After you get the cards, you can get out, down this way. The other doors are
to make you lost.
You are back out here.
Go to the right stairway of the contest ring.
After walking thru and in the door. You are here in yet another area. 
Becareful about getting lost.
Goto right most door.
Inside you will fight Dios.
Then Sirius and Argeti.
After you beat Argeti, the stairway will open.
After you walk down and thru the door, you will be here.
Goto the Spring and use the Spring Card.
Go up here.
After walking all the way thru and thru the door, you will see Docrates with
Athena. Don't go near him if you are not ready.
Ares threatens Athena.
When each player reaches Level 20, you get upgrade to New Cloth. Notice the
Goto Aries - Leo Temple Home 
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