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Stage 3 Part I Sea Horse, Scylla
"Stage 3 Poseidon Chapter"
Go defeat all the pawns standing around the whole area.
Secret entrance here to Spring.
Go defeat Mermaid.
First Opening. You can use Odin Card when Seiya reaches Level 35
Seiya wearing Odin Robe.
Go in the cave.
Go in this cave.
This cave has cards to buy.
This cave has cards to get.
You get the 2nd Door Card
You get out of the cave on the other side and you use your 2nd Door Card here.
Fight Sea Horse.
Talk with Kiki.
You  get the Shield Card. These weapons cards are different then the ones
you got in Libra Temple. Those were to raise attack power. These are to 
destroy the Pillars.
Use the card here.
After you destroy the Pillar, it automaticly jumps you back to center.
Second opening.
You went in the Cave and get Spring Card here.
Enter Cave here.
Use Spring Card here.
Enter Secret Entrance here.
Get card here.
You get the 2nd Door Card.
Go in this Cave.
Get out here.
Use 2nd Door Card here.
Use the Twin Rod Card.
Goto Chrysaor, Lymnades Home 
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