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Stage 3 Part II Chrysaor, Lymnades
Third Opening.
You went in the Cave then go in this Cave.
This cave has cards to get.
You get the 2nd Door Card and second Excalibur Card. This Ex 2 is different than 
the one in 12 Temples. That was to open a short cut, this one is to clear
the spear road to 2nd Gate.
Then go in this cave.
After walking all the way thru and a door, go here to secret entrance. There
are cards to get. Spring Card is one of them.
Use Spring Card here.
You get out of the Cave you came in from.
Use the second Excalibur Card to clear the road.
After opening 2nd gate, fight Krishna.
Afer you defeat him, get the Sword Card.
Fourth Opening.
Once you are in the cave, go straight to the middle top cave. All the other
4 caves are to distract you. You will see Fake: Camus, Ikki, Marin, and 
Shura. All of them will tell you to stop this and fight you. Even if you beat
them, they will not disappear. Go defeat the real guy, Kaza.
Press Alt here and the secret opens.
You will see Kaza. Defeat him.
Go to the Center cave to get cards, 2nd Door and Ikki Cards.
Go to the top right corner cave to get a card.
Go to the top left corner cave, all the other caves are for you to get lost.
Get out here and use the 2nd Door Card.
Kiki is already waiting for you, break the Pillar.
  Goto Kraken, Siren Home 
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