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Stage 3 Part III Kraken, Siren
Fifth Opening.
Go in the Cave.
Go to the top left corner cave, all the other caves have nothing.
Go to the down left corner cave, to get cards.
You will get the 2nd Door Card and the Camus Card.
Then you can just get out from where you came in. The last cave has nothing.
Use the Camus Card to break the wall.
Open 2nd Door and go fight Issac. Hyoga will face him alone.
Get the Tongfar Card to destroy the Pillar.
Walk down and join your friends. Seiya will fight Sea Dragon alone.
After Sea Dragon is defeated. Shun fights Mermaid again.
Seiya is alone go to Sixth Opening.
You went in the cave, Low right corner cave has a card.
Go to left top corner cave.
Go to low left corner cave, get cards.
Go to top cave.
Go to top cave.
You get out and you walk all the way thru to join your friends.
Fight Solent.
Use Tripple Rod to destroy the Pillar.
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