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Stage 3 Part IV Sea Dragon, Poseidon
Seventh Opening.
You went into the cave, go to top left cave.
Walk all the way thru to this cave.
Walk all the way thru to this cave.
Go to right down cave to get the 2nd Door Card.
Go to middle cave to get more Cards.
Go to top right cave.
Get out here.
Open 2nd Door and face Sea Dragon. Don't waste stuff on him, he will sent
you back to beginning.
Kanon sents you back to beginning. To stop him from doing that, go to Solent.
Talk with Solent.
Get the Symphony Card. Go fight Kanon again.
Face Kanon, don't fight him until you use Symphony Card and then fight him
Get the Shield Card.
Talk with Kanon.
After talking to Kanon, destroy the Pillar, walk down and get the Card.
You get the Saggtarius Card.
Fight Mermaid for the last time.
Get this card.
Get this card. 
You get the Big Cosmo Card.
Use the Sagittarius Card once you start the fight.
Go out on the other side and use Big Cosmo Card at Main Breadwinner.
Go in and talk with Athena.
Go out and defeat Poseidon.
When you hit him enough, Athena will come with her vase and seal Poseidon's
Mermaid saves Julian and don't know what's going on. Mermaid tells him it was a dream.
"From now on, with Athena!"
You finished the game, Good job!
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