Who is Mu?

The Characters before Mu and after Mu was created...

    There are many helper characters in Masami Kurumada's Mangas. In Ring in Kakero there is Ohmura Zouroku. He is a trainer and a doctor and he is the one who explains to the main character, Ryuuji, what is the Kaiser Nuckle.
    In Fuma no Kojiro, there is Ranko who takes care of the main character, Kojiro's wounds and she gives him the Scared Sword, Furinkashan,'Wind Forrest Volcano'.
    In B't X there is Hokuto, he is one of the Shireishou and he is a doctor. He heals the main character, Teppei. He helps reconstruct X. And even helps the final repair of Shadow X.

Mu's Data and Character

    Name: Mu[Japanese: Muu]
    Cloth: Aries[Ram Constellation:Ohitsuji Za, Japanese: Ariesu]
    Age: 20
    Height: 182 cm
    Weight: 75 kg
    Birthday: 3-27
    Blood Type: A
    Birth Area: Tibet
    Training Area: Jamir
    Fatal Skill:

    1. Psychokinesis
    2. Crystal Wall
    3. Star Light Extinction
    4. Star Dust Revolution
    5. Crystal Net

    Mu is definitely the passive type but that is not because of fear or lack of power. In Saint Seiya Encycopedia, it is written that he is considered one of the most powerful. What Mu perfers to do is think things over and also he knows a lot of secrets other Saints don't know. He is a strong psychic because he is a descendent of the People of Mu, so he is more sensitive than other Saints. He learned all his fighting skills and repair skills from his Master Pope Aries Sion. Mu perfers not to kill if he can.

Mu in Manga and Anime

    Mu appears first when Shiryu goes and finds him. He helps him restore the 2 Bronze Cloths. He wears the Aries Cloth and confronts Death Mask when he was about to kill Shiryu. He is friends with Aldebaran and he watches over Saori, Athena during the 12 Temple Battle.
    In Poseidon Chapter, he stops Aiolia from going to Undersea Temple because he knew the Hades War was coming. He thanks Aiolos and Camus for sending their Cloths.
    In Hades Chapter, he shows he is a strong fighter, defeating Aphrodite and Death Mask in a instant. Even facing his Master, Sion, Saga, Camus and Shura, he doesn't die in an instant. He ignores Niobe and lets Great Horn kill him. He defeats Myu.
    He stops Aiolia from entering Twin Sala Garden because he senses Shaka is doing something more than dying. Because of Hades's Will, Rhadamanthys sent him with Milo and Aiolia to Underworld easily. Athena's Cosmo brings him back from Cocytos and together with the other Gold Saints destroy the Wailing Wall.

Mu in Manga only

    During the Black Saints Battle, Mu shows up with Shiryu's coffin and when Shiryu rises he gives him his new Cloth. Pegasus and Dragon are version 2. When Misty creates the earthquake on Fuji Mountain to kill the Bronze Saints. Mu uses his teleportation to save the Black Saints and Seiya, Shiryu, Hyoga and Shun. Ikki chose not to ride the teleport.

    He uses his illusion powers to trick the Silver Saints into thinking they killed, Shiyru, Hyoga and Shun but instead they killed Black Dragon, Black Swan and Black Andromeda. Misty threaten him for helping the Bronze Saints. Mu doesn't think of Misty as a opponent. If only Misty knew the truth. He watches with Kiki the fight of Misty and Seiya.
    In the manga, after Seiya fights with Aiolia, the 5 Saints don't want to follow Saori because they see her as a spoiled brat and not Athena. When Mu shows up to stop Death Mask, he tells Roshi what Athena intends to do and Shiryu is shocked that Saori is going to Sanctuary alone.
    At Aries Temple, he restores the Bronze Cloth and even created a new version of Pegasus, version 3. Near the end of the 12 Temple battles, Shaka asks why he helps the Bronze Saints in secret? He tells them around the time 13 years ago when many of them became Gold Saints, a Saint disappeared, Gemini. It was Saga who killed the Pope.
    Aiolia wants to go to Pope's Palace to fight Saga but Mu stops him. He tells him if he and Roshi wanted to, they would have fought Saga but we have to let Seiya fight Saga because what is happening is a Test of Athena. If Athena dies she is not the real Athena, if Seiya is a true Saint he will save Athena. When Saga kills himself, Mu explains Saga has a split personailty.
    In Poseidon Chapter, he restores the 4 Bronze Cloths, Pegasus version 4, Dragon verions 3, Cygnus and Andromeda, version 2.
    In Hades Chapter,  he sents Seiya to Star Hill. Seiya doesn't wake up until right before Athena dies. The fight with Myu was much more intense and Myu is not as weak as the anime. When the AE explodes beacause of Shiryu, he shouts,"Shiryu!!!!!" Athena's Cosmo bring Mu, Aiolia and Milo back from Cocytos just their resurrection killed the Specters there.

Mu in Anime only

    Mu disappears when Seiya goes to find him to try to find a way to help Shiryu's blindness. He returns after the Sagittarius Cloth shows its true form in the lake. It could been the anime's way to imply Mu had hand in that. Mu follows the resurrected Athena to confront Saga. He doesn't explain what happened 13 years ago instead, Roshi does that.
    In Asgard Chapter he restores the Bronze Cloths, including Phoenix.
    In Movie 3, he doesn't show up but Cancer Death Mask says Mu and the other Gold Saints chose not to do anything in this battle.
    In Movie 4, he gets defeated instantly by the 4 Devil Angels but he rises again with the Gold Saints to help Seiya.
    In Hades Chapter, he sends Seiya to the Collesum where Seiya fought Casios. Seiya wakes up when Shiryu comes. Mu cries for Aldebaran's passing. He tells Seiya to leave Cancer Temple. Seiya says to him hey you have to restore my Cloth. He says Of Course! Sion does that though. He fights a weaker Myu. Athena says to him you understand the real reason why I have to do this?(kill myself) Don't you? When the 4 Bronze Saints send the AE away, he shouts with Aiolia and Milo, "Seiya!!!!!" There is real fight in Hades Castle. Rhadamanthys doesn't reveal the reason why they are so weak. He tells Seiya to leave. When Athena's Cosmo brings them back from Cocytos, he along with Aiolia and Milo launches their attacks to kill the Specters. When the 12 Gold Saints gather at Wailing Wall, he is moved by the appearance of Death Mask and Aphrodite.
    In Movie 5, the Gods seal the Spirits of the Gold Saints, Mu is there laying on the water.

Mu in other Media

    In Anime Special 3, Side Story, Mu tells Saori the reason of Athena's Spring. He tells her you can't love Seiya but he didn't mean Saori can't have her feelings. She can love Seiya but she has to love the other Saints as well.
    In Ep. G, Aiolia goes to Jamir to get help to restore his Leo Cloth. Mu doesn't really want to and pretend with Aiolia to fight. Mu wears his Cloth to fight Dimension Iapetus. The fight was stoped by Chronos. He restores the Leo Cloth. Aldebaran rebuilds his Residence. Mu senses Aiolia is hiding a really strong skill. He teleports Alderbaran straight to Sanctuary when Aldebaran was ordered to come back. When Aiolia entered the realm of the Titans he needed help. Roshi asked the other Saints to join Aiolia. Mu used his teleportation skills to teleport, Aldebaran, Milo, Shaka, Shura and Camus there.
    In the manga Drama Track Tapes, Mu does the same things in the manga.
    In Video games, Mu is always just the guy who helps which you can't choose to play with, but finally in the games for PS2, you can choose him to fight.
    In my Zeus Chapter, Athena saves the Gold Saints Mu, Aiolia, Dohko, Shaka, and Milo from dying. He restores the Leo, Virgo, Libra, Sagittiarus and Aquarius Gold Cloths. He teaches all the skills of Cloth restoration to Kiki. He follows the Order of Athena to pretend to be dead. He fights Virtue Noh and dies for real in the fight with Noh.
    In LC, Mu and Roshi discuss if Saori is Athena or not and the fact there is no way the Pope is Shion. And that there is a Pegasus Saint by Saori's side.

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