Sakamihara Iro

- Iro was the one who drew Zeus and Chaos Chapter manga.

The Zeus Chapter - English Version
-Scan and Translated by Aries Mu(Philip Ho)

Chapter 5, Part 5-7, Final Chapter Zipfile: Click Here

Chapter 5 Part 1-4 Zipfile:Click Here

Chapter 4 Zipfile:Click Here

Chapter 1-3 Zipfile:Click Here

Spanish VersionClick Here

Zeus Chapter Extra Pics:

Chaos Chapter Extra Pics:

Niqcee Extra Pics:

  Sacred Saga

- Postcards with really cool illustations of Saint Seiya made in Future Studio

Limited Edition Box: 

Theocracy Cover: 

Cards 2-K:

Extra Cards 2, 3:

Holy Comfort Cover: 

Cards 2-K:

  The Seduce of Sea Cover: 

Cards 2-K:

Extra Cards Theta, Ace:

Doom Star Cover: 


  Rebel Against Cover: 

Cards 2-K:

Secret Glow Cover: 

Spade:  Moon: 

Crown: Ace: 


Dream Palace Cover: 


  Extra Ace Cards: 

Hideaki Fujimoto

- a Yaoi manga of Saint Seiya. He is also did stuff for other works of Masami Kurumada.

Illustrations and Funny:

SD Seiya

- Haruna Shimamura drew the funny version of Saint Seiya, Saint Da Seiya. Download the zip files!!

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Kanon's Tragic Past
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Camus and Crystal, Hyoga and..Hyoga
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The Test of Gold!!
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Love and Tears's Ungrateful Fellow!!
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Eveywhere Underworld's Heated Q&A Contest(Front Chapter)
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The Will of Eating!!
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Closest Man to the Gods! Shaka's day
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Rise to Shore! Sea King Poseidon!
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