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Stage 2 Part II Virgo - Capricorn Temple
In here you will see Ikki and get some cards. The Caves in 12 Temples are not for you to get lost but make sure you don't miss anything. 
Talk with Ikki and get more cards.
Ikki Card can help defeat Shaka.
After that cave, go to this one.
Walk to the top and then use Lighting Card.
Everything is lighted and walk all the way thru.
And it opens a short cut to Mu.
Shaka's Temple, use the Ikki Card during battle.
After you defeat Shaka, you can get some cards downstairs.
You get the Shaka Card which helps you go forward.
You get some cards in this cave.
This is Libra Temple
Inside, the floor is slippery, you need to bounce off walls to move. You get 
tons of cards in here. These Libra Weapon cards you don't to need to save till Poseidon Chapter. These cards are for fighting. Those in Poseidon are different than these.
You get out from here. Don't miss anything.
This spring retores your HP&CP
Scorpio Temple.
Sagittarius Temple.
You won't get lost, but make sure you cover everything. The right side go to
card. The left side goes out and cards.
Talk to the Sagttarius Statue.
Capricorn Temple.
Inside this cave it has cards.
You get the Excalibur Card.
Use Excalibur Card here, stand between the Pillars.
Walk all the way thru and it is the second short cut to Mu.
Goto Aquarius - Pope's Place Home 
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